Fundraising FAQ

Fundraising FAQ

Here are some of the questions we get asked most regularly about our fundraising shoots. If your question isn't answered here, please contact us.

Q – How can I find a local shoot to attend?

Just like us on facebook and you will be informed of all up and coming shoots

Q – How do I book in to attend a fundraising shoot?

You may attend any fundraiser as long as you have not been to a fundraiser within the past 6 months. Simply click onto the online booking link if you have one (mostly found on our facebook page), choose your time and pay your $10 online to secure your place. Alternatively you can call the Jack’n’Jill office on 021575761 to see when we are next in your area.

Q – I’m attending a fundraiser, how much does it cost?

Initially you will pay your $10 upfront which goes directly to the organisation as part of their fundraiser. Then you select your 1 free digital file at the viewing day approx. 2 weeks later and may order others there. Digital files start from $69 with all digital files costing $239 for the lot. 10% of sales will also go to the orgainisation.

Q – Can I get a refund on my $10 booking fee as I didn’t attend the photoshoot?

Sorry the $10 booking fee is retained by the organisation for their fundraising and is therefore non-refundable.

Q – How do I receive my 1 FREE digital file?

To get your 1 FREE digital file, you must attend the pre-arranged viewing day. If you are unable to attend, for whatever reason, your 1 free digital file will be null and void and a $10 credit will apply which can be used against any purchase from your shoot.

Q – Can I choose my 1 FREE digital file?

Of course you can. At your viewing day, the photographer will allow you to select which 1 free digital file you would like.

Q – Do you offer a layby system?

Yes, we require a 20% deposit at the viewing day and then we will set up an automatic payment form with you so please bring along your bank account number. We require a minimum of $10 per week to be paid consistently weekly or fortnightly.

Q – I’m unable to attend the viewing day, how can I view my images?

If you are unable to attend the viewing day for whatever reason, please let your photographer know asap. A proof sheet can be created and sent to you via email. A $20 charge applies for this to be created for you. Should you decide to purchase then this $20 will be credited against any purchase from that shoot.

Q – Can I send someone else to the viewing day?

No sorry, Only you can attend the viewing day to select your 1 free digital file.

Q – I don’t have any children, can I attend a fundraiser and am I entitled to 1 free digital file?

Yes you are most welcome to attend and get your photos taken but you are not eligible for 1 free digital file. We will however give you a $10 credit towards a purchase from this shoot.

Q – How will I receive my 1 free digital file?

A – All digital files will be sent to you via a downloadable link on email. Any photo orders made will be sent to the organisation. The coordinator will let you know when they are ready for collection – typically 2-3 weeks after your viewing day.

Q – What is a digital image?

A digital image is an electronically captured image that can be reproduced as many times as you like onto any platform i.e. prints, products, facebook and email. You own the copyright and can print, share and use as you wish.

Q – I don’t have a dropbox account, how do I access my digital images?

No account is necessary to download your photos. Just follow the link you receive in your email to download your photos.

Q – The link I received for digital images has expired. What should I do?

Please call Karen on 021 575 761 quoting your name and the organisation you had your photos taken at. We will resend your digital files to you. Please download them and save them immediately or the link may expire again.